Tron Legacy

A remake of the 1982 film,Tron, Tron Legacy remade and renewed the initial impressions of Tron. Tron Legacy brings out the sci-fi genre brilliantly, yet keeping the concept of the original Tron from 1982. I choose to write about Tron Legacy due to the impressive CG they came up with. In Tron Legacy, the characters are immersed into a digital world, where the play a game of life and death. Almost every scenes except the interior are all CG generated.


What I find refreshing is how the artists visualize and did new concepts for the suits, the light cycles and the effects. Compared to then and now, both films resemble each other, with an addition to more intense cinematics.

Image   Image

The suits in Tron Legacy differs quite a lot as compared to the original Tron. Tron Legacy had much more minimalistic and sleek design. The suit has also change to black, which is much more pleasant. A lot of time were spent into tracking to fit the CG suits on the actors, along with achieving realistic renders, blurs etc. Tron Legacy looks much more realistic, more futuristic and definitely more detailed. Not only the environment, but also the effects. To win the game in Tron, one of the players would need to defeat the opponent, which is by throwing the handheld disc and slicing them apart. In Tron Legacy, where the enemy is defeated, they  shatter and turn into pixels wherever they were attacked and I find it quite fitting to the sense of a digital world.
Screen-shot-2011-01-04-at-8.30.12-PM   Screen shot 2011-01-07 at 7.58.02 PM  Tron-disc-explosion_610x335
(Images showing an Ambient Occlusion pass on the pixelation effects when a character is mutilated.)

This is quite an interesting effect as I have seldom seen other sci-fi movie that had this idea (other than star trek). Along with the light cycle, the light cycle concept is inspired from the original Tron, and designed to match the suits of Tron Legacy.
Tron Leg VFX  tron_legacy_light_cycles_hedlund
(Wireframe of the light cycle and light cycle smashing into pieces of pixels and liquid.)

Although the storyline in Tron Legacy didn’t match up to Tron in 1982, it was definitely one of the most impressive sci-fi films in 2010.


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