Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is a 2012 sci-fi film directed by Brad Peyton, it was also produced and distributed in 3D. Today, I am going to focus on the set ups for the scenes in the film.
Most of the scenes in Jurney 2 revolves around the lost island, Atlantis, where huge living things and small living things are reversed in size. Alot of interactions with 3D and real footage makes the film even more engaging to the audience, which I find it really cool.

Image shows a 3D elephant being held by Sean, one of the main characters in the film; along with real footages of the jungles at foreground and matte painting in the background.

Whereas huge things like elephants become small, tiny insects such as butterflies and bees turn big. In one of the shots, it shows the protagonists riding on the bee and running away from the giant bird. Other than using green screen and matte painting as replacement for te background, I wanted to know how they manage to shoot the interaction scene to be so believable. Turns out that not only they have created a rigged seat for the actors to interact with, they also makes the seat move as to how the bee would on the screen.

Other than having realistic CG, the team also set up rigs in green screen; such as the helicopter scene – so that they will be able to shoot the scenes as if it happens in reality. The following video shows the actual shoot that involves using green screen, trackers and rigs that help to set up a more believable shot for the film.

Since alot of the elements in Journey 2 are in 3D, I find it much more exciting to watch this film in stereo 3D since all of them would be easier to manipulate in post-production to pop out of the screen.


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