Pirates of The Caribbean

As well-known as it already is, today I am going to talk about The Flying Dutch-man, Davy Jones and his crew from the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. The studio in charge of the CG is Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Using their advanced Motion Capture System and team of VFX artists, they conceptualized, modeled and animated the characters of the crew and Davy Jones himself.


As much as the actors are to perform for the scenes in the film; in the film, everything is totally CG. No real footage was used to show Davy Jones nor his crew. Even the tentacles of Davy Jones is created and animated in 3D, which I think it is very tedious and impressive. As the plot assumes the characteristics of Davy Jones crew, the artists had to come up with relevant design for the characters. That includes portaying them as squids, sharks, clams, fishes, with great details suxh as coral reefs, shells, or even dead skeleton on their body. Even though most of the crew members did not have much screen time, a lot of effort and time was dedicated into making them in the film.


The animation and the lighting is rendered to match the actors original performance, which I find it to be really realistic and believable even up close.


Image shows the breakdown of the passes of the crew.

Creating the characters is an issue, but making them interact with one another, or even with the real life footage of other characters is even more difficult. I am impressed with how ILM has solved the issues of the placement of 3D characters into real footage and interaction with things and other subjects. Along with their concept of Davy Jones; the complexity of its appearance and how each tentacle is able to move by itself.


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