War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds (2005), an adaptation of the older series by H.G. Wells (1953), revolves around a story of Aliens invading Earth from underground, killing them and how the main protagonist, Ray Ferrier, saves his family from getting massacred by the aliens from underneath the surface of Earth. As compared to the 1953 version of the slien ships, the 2005 War of the World’s have extra features;  more high-tech lasers and 3 legs.

The design of the tripods; its ability, its size, portrays how powerful the aliens really are and to show how it renders the human race useless against the alien race. (They have planned the invasion for millions of years.) The laser that the Tripod uses for attacks, actually burns and disintegrates humans and burn down buildings and trees. In one of the scene, it is quite stunning to see that the production team actually set up aftermath of a nairplane crash for the set where the tripods shot laser beams at.

The tripods, though mechanical, retain organic values such as the movement of their legs which resembles huge tentacles like a squid, and they have tentacles at their mouths that can extend and observe with its own eyes. to seek preys. As compared to the 1953 version of the tripods, the older version was more of an UFO with a eye in the middle that could project light and laser beams whereas the newer version of the tripods looks more mechanical, futuristic and much more complex.

As the tripods are very huge, the animators for the character have to make sure it portrays its own weight; such as when the tripods stand or sit, but still retaining flowing movements that are very organic as compared to mechanical legs. The fusion is really well done in my opinion. In the end, even if they have shields and are invulnerable to human weapons, the tripods died due to earth pathogens/bacteria, which seemed so small and harmless, but at the same time fatal to the unaware aliens.


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